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Better Business Outcomes.

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PiP IoT - Real-time dat for better business outcomes
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PiP IoT gives you the power to make smarter business decisions faster and at lower cost through real-time information about the location and operating status of your distributed assets.

PiP’s compact, ultra-rugged sensor devices are engineered for long-life performance assuring continuity of the data you need to transform your operational effectiveness, efficiency and service delivery experiences.

The PiP Service connects easily with your management dashboards, or other systems, to provide instant visibility of your data and enable decisions that deliver the most valuable outcomes for your business.

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Device as a Service.

Start getting data from your assets immediately by simply adding PiP compact, ultra-rugged sensor devices plus event reporting service. Log in and manage your business in real time.

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PiP IoT PeopleSense.

Ultra-rugged people
counter for easy
footfall monitoring
almost anywhere

Count people traffic almost anywhere indoors or outdoors to improve customer experiences, optimise cleaning or maintenance intervals, manage visitor numbers, or improve security around your sites or assets.

PiP IoT LevelSense.
Ultra-rugged bin level monitoring with tilt and temperature tracking 
(GPS location option available)

Monitor fill-level and dynamic status of your remote tank, bin or other container assets in

real time for improved service management outcomes.

PiP IoT GeoSense.
Ultra-rugged shock, vibration and tilt monitoring with GPS location reporting.

Identify location and operating condition of your mobile assets in real time to optimise asset deployment and utilisation, and service interval management.

PiP IoT DigiSense.
Ultra-rugged remote monitoring and control for pumps, meters and industrial sensors.

Monitor a range of different types of inputs from remote operational devices such as pumps, flowmeters and sensors and provide real-time reporting and alerts.


Ultra-rugged sensor devices.

PiP sensor devices are built to deliver the highest levels of performance in the toughest operating environments - with zero touch, year after year.


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Device Performance

PiP devices are engineered to perform reliably for years without maintenance, in a wide range of operating environments.

PiP’s fully encapsulated devices are factory over-molded with high performance thermoplastic polymide and rated to IP68 level. This ensures excellent protection from dirt, dust, water, vibration and impact. Certified to Sigfox U0 radiation classification, PiP devices operate at the highest standard of radiated power efficiency.

PiP LevelSense device
PiP IoT LevelSense and GeoSense Device
PiP LevelSense device
PiP IoT LevelSense and GeoSense Device

Device Optimisation

Installed devices can be performance optimised, lowering overall cost of operation

The capability and flexibility of PiP devices enables remote configuration of messaging triggers to extend operating lifetime or easily tailor functionality to suit changing needs.

Easy connection to your data.

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The data from IoT devices is most valuable when it is timely, accurate, meaningful and reliable.

Dashboard showing PiP PeopleSense data

The PiP Service, delivered over PiP's Microsoft Azure IoT platform, provides easy connection via API or event hub to your existing management dashboards, or other systems, for instant real time visibility of your data.

Your information can also be delivered through a device dashboard that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

PiP Service | PiP IoT

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Real-time event feed.

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