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Merciyanis improves facility management using PeopleSense
PeopleSense - Outdoor People Counter | PiP IoT Limited

Merciyanis is revolutionising facility management by integrating PiP PeopleSense people counting technology into its smart platform, enabling leading facility management companies to operate more efficiently and deliver better customer experiences. Around 600 PeopleSense devices have been installed in wework offices to improve cleaning outcomes.

About Merciyanis

Merciyanis is a pioneering solutions provider utilising cutting-edge people counting technology to improve facilities management. By integrating PiP PeopleSense people counter devices into their platform, Merciyanis offers a transformative approach to facility management companies such as GSF, Atalian, and La Providence.

The Challenge: Enhancing Efficiency in Facility Management and Cleaning Services

In a world adjusting to the realities of post-COVID, Merciyanis's clients were grappling with variable building occupancy rates, leading to resource inefficiencies and unoptimised cleaning schedules. Their clients required precise people counting data to streamline their operations and make more informed decisions about their services.

The Solution: PiP PeopleSense People Counting Devices

Merciyanis revolutionised its client operations by incorporating PiP PeopleSense devices, advanced people counters that meticulously track facility usage. Installed primarily in restrooms, these people counting devices not only provide information about bathroom usage, but they also provide a reliable indicator of overall building occupancy levels.

Acting as smart triggers, the PeopleSense people counters call for cleaning based on restroom usage while continually collecting data every 10 minutes. This ongoing data can be exported and examined offline, providing valuable insights into building utilisation patterns.

Thanks to this innovative approach, Merciyanis has empowered cleaning companies to provide better, more timely services, significantly improving customer satisfaction. The data collected through people counting also offers invaluable guidance to end clients, enabling more efficient management of their building and office space.

For instance, La Providence, which provides cleaning services for WeWork, has successfully deployed about 600 PeopleSense devices across 20 sites.

Beyond Cleaning: Enhancing User Experience and Gathering Feedback

Merciyanis's utilisation of people counting technology extends beyond mere efficiency. In conjunction with the PeopleSense devices, Merciyanis integrates servicing tracking devices in the restrooms. Cleaners swipe a key tag when the restroom has been cleaned, which then generates a signal from the Merciyanis platform to the PeopleSense device to set the people count back to zero.

Through the combination of the PeopleSense devices working in concert with the Merciyanis smart platform and other integrated devices, facility management operators get the benefit of an immediate feedback mechanism that reinforces accountability and service quality, and enables them to improve user experiences, reduce complaints and operate more efficiently and profitably.

The Merciyanis Advantage: A Unified People Counting Platform and Proactive Partnership

Merciyanis has established itself as a proactive partner to its facility management clients. Whether it's through providing direct assistance in larger projects or delivering comprehensive user manuals for self-implementation, PeopleSense has given Merciyanis the confidence to be able to deliver innovative, reliable and effective solutions for its clients.

The Merciyanis platform's capability to easily integrate the PeopleSense people counting devices and deliver an end-to-end solution is highly appreciated by clients. This unified platform approach eliminates the hassle of managing multiple platforms, paving the way for seamless operations.

Conclusion: Proven Results and Future Opportunities with People Counting Technology

The integration of PeopleSense people counting technology has proven highly beneficial for Merciyanis, leading to significant enhancements in cleaning efficiency, user satisfaction, and better informed data-driven operations for its facility management clients. Their unwavering commitment to enhancing service quality and robust technological integrations points to a promising future.

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